Who We Are

Qualified, Passionate and Results-Driven

We Serve Fast-Growing Businesses In Singapore And The Region.

How are we different as a PR agency? In addition to serving large corporations, we also passionately partner with a business community that has traditionally been left out of the PR equation – fast growing start-ups and SMEs.

We are masters of the rules of the traditional PR game. But beyond that, Prospr’s unique approach allows us to stay nimble and innovative, while consistently exceeding our client’s expectations.

How We Do It

Giving Every Business Their Cover Story

We offer Public Relations expertise to fast growing companies. With over 2 decades worth of experience in PR, branding and communications management, our PR agency is fully equipped to get your brand’s unique voice out to the public.

Let us help you stand out from the crowd with our targeted campaigns that will get you in the headlines.

  • We listen first in order to understand your brand better.
  • We cut out the fluff and focus on what you actually need (that means we don’t overcharge as well)
  • You can count on us to deliver results no matter the size of your business.
  • Sit back and see your brand gain the recognition it deserves

Company's Core Values

Our Rigourous Outcome-Based Project Management

All-in Dedication

We take pride in our work and aim for full accountability in our service standards.

This encompasses punctuality for every appointment, meeting every promised deadline, demonstrating flexibility, nimbleness and professionalism to every person we come into contact with, and taking the initiative to improve our client’s businesses.

Unrelenting Innovation

At Prospr, we continually find better ways to do things. Innovation is a daily responsibility – it is part of our journey and not a destination. We constantly strive to break into new frontiers – This translates to a responsibility in achieving results for clients, while continuously looking for areas to improve.


We aspire to be a shining light on a hill that cannot be hidden: a beacon that symbolises stability, trust and honesty.


Integrity is central to who we are. Therefore, we make the conscious effort to do what is right, rather than what is easy.


Excellence is a habit, but so is mediocrity. The deceptive belief of “good enough” has no place in Prospr.

The quality of our work reflects the pride we take in all that we do. We demand more of ourselves, strive to deliver the highest of standards of service, and excel in all things big and small.

Deliver Exceptional Client Experience

Prospr does not want to just be “one of those” public relations agency.


We aim to be a place where our clients are at the centre of all we do, where their experience is paramount.

The Bottom Line

What You Can Expect From Working With Us

No Paid Advertising

At Prospr, we don’t do paid advertising. We’ll tell the world your story; and the journalists will write it for you.

Tell Your Story

Not everyone needs a revolutionary innovation to be featured. Every brand, big or small, has its unique backstory, and deserves a chance at limelight in the media.

Reach New Audiences

Give your brand maximum exposure when you feature in both mainstream and online media. Connect to new audiences when you build a media presence.

Pay Only For Outcomes

We are an outcome-based startup firm offering competitive prices. The premium MNC experience, at SME rates.

Elevate Brand Authority

Boost your credibility as an industry leader in your field

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Our Case Studies

These Are Just Some Success Stories We've Helped Clients To Create... Contact Us Below To Find Out How You Can Become A Success Story Too!

Our Clients (Just Like You!)

We Keep Creating Branding & PR Success For Clients From A Wide-Range Of Sizes And Industries

Our Clients (Just Like You!)

We Keep Creating Success For Clients From A Wide-Range Of Sizes And Industries

We Are Ready To Help Your Business. Get In Touch With Us!

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Where to Find Us

Prospr Consulting Singapore (Headquarters Office)
62 Cecil Street #02-00, TPI Building, Singapore 049710

Tel: +65 6221 2044Email: kristine@elliotcommunications.com

Prospr Consulting SDN. BHD. (Malaysia Office)
B-07-01, Atria SOFO Suites SS22/23 Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia

Tel: +603-7732 1135 Email: ryan@prospr.com.my

Phone:+603-7732 1135 Email: ryan@prospr.com.my

Rebranding Announcement: We are now Elliot & Co.

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