Jeremy Foo
Co-founder and CEO
Jeremy brings over 7 years of Public Relations (PR) expertise to Prospr. He has led a spectrum of PR campaigns for corporates and SMEs. Notable accounts that he used to managed across his professional experience includes leading the PR campaign for Grab, Braun and International SOS.
Jonathan Chua
Co-founder and COO
Jonathan brings over 4 years of Corporate Communications experience to Prospr. He has led communications strategy development and consultancy for the largest corporates in the region. Notable accounts that he has worked on prior to Prospr includes DBS Group, Global Logistic Properties and UOB Group.

Who We Are

Qualified, Passionate and Results-Driven

We are a group of professional brand consultants who have banded to form Prospr, a public relations agency with a specialization in media and communications. Our clients are startups and SMEs who come to us looking to grow their brand. Many of them engage us for our proven track record of developing successful brands by generating extensive media coverage. Now, we in turn are using our collective experience to give you and your company the brand equity that you deserve.

What We Do

Streamlining Public Relations

We offer the PR experience for startups and SMEs. With a collective decade’s worth of experience in PR and Communications management, we are confident that we can help get your company featured in mainstream media outlets.

We give your brand a voice in the media. Let us transform your media experience; stand out amidst the crowd with our targeted outreach campaigns that get you in the headlines today.

How We Do It

Our Rigourous Outcome-Based Project Management

01. Proposal

Tell us a story about your brand. Make it interesting, make it emotional, make it exciting. We’ll handle the rest.

02. Outreach

We’ll approach media outlets with your story. We’re going big – newspapers, the radio, TV.

03. Prep

It’s showtime! We’ll help you get ready for your exclusive features and interviews

04. Review

Let’s go through the process once more as we prime ourselves for your next feature.

The Bottom Line

What You Can Expect From Working With Us

No Paid Advertising

At Prospr, we don’t do paid advertising. We’ll tell the world your story; and the journalists will write it for you.

Tell Your Story

Not everyone needs a revolutionary innovation to be featured. Every brand, big or small, has its unique backstory, and deserves a chance at a limelight in the media.

Reach New Audiences

Give your brand maximum exposure when you feature in both mainstream and online media. Connect to new audiences when you build a media presence.

Pay Only For Outcomes

We are an outcome-based startup firm offering competitive prices. The premium MNC experience, at SME rates.

Elevate Brand Authority

Boost your credibility as an industry leader in your field

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Our Portfolio

These Are Just Some Success Stories We've Helped Clients To Create... Contact Us Below To Find Out How You Can Become A Success Story Too!

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Our Clients (Just Like You!)

We Keep Creating Success For Clients From A Wide-Range Of Sizes And Industries

Where to Find Us

82 Playfair Road #10-01, D’Lithium, Singapore 368001

Tel: +65 66341 241

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