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Discover PR+LeadGen: A High ROI Marketing Formula For Fast-Growing SMEs in Singapore

By pairing Public Relations and Lead Generation efforts, you FINALLY have the weapon to revolutionise your lead engine and market your business. Get help on identifying the channels and methods that will profit your business and maximise ROI.

Marketing growth you can quantify when you match an effective digital marketing strategy with a well-rounded public relations campaign:

Increased Website Traffic and Leads

Play off the strengths of both strategies when you increase public relations efforts while refining your lead generation funnel.

A surge of company searches from both sources will lead to a growth in website traffic and organic searches.

Generating Organic Interest and Qualified Leads More Accurately

With an increase in web traffic and targeted audiences from the publicity, you can strengthen your lead generation campaign by utilizing tracking codes, pixels or analytics to re-engage these visitors in the future.

Effective use of Marketing Dollars

One benefit of public relations is that you are ‘selecting’ your ideal target audience, according to the publications you reach out to.

This pool of audiences then get redirected into the middle of your marketing funnel i.e. the lead generation engine.

You can then tap into these target audiences through targeting strategies.

Increase in Sales, Influences and Opportunities 

Perceived value of your business affects brand credibility.

Utilise PR efforts to position your company differently and reach out to your stakeholders with targeted messages.

While the benefits of PR are intangible, these benefits can work in tandem with lead generation to drive tangible results. 

Here's a quick success story!

In this recent PR and Lead Generation campaign, we generated quality sign ups for an tech event in just over one month with 50% of the previous marketing budget. 

The sign up results exceeded expectations and even raised the profile and credibility of said event. 

Some of the trusted platforms where we often secure big features for our SME and Start-up clients: 

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