This Masterclass is for you if you’ve always wondered about the answers to these questions:

How do I get my business featured in the newspapers and magazines, practically FOR FREE?
How do I get my business featured on the TV and on radio stations WITHOUT PAYING A SINGLE DOLLAR ON ADVERTISING?
How do I get journalists and media professionals to notice and feature my brand and story TO GAIN TRUST AND REPUTATION IN THE MASS MARKET?

Jeremy will share the exact PR strategies you need as an SME business owner to bring your brand to the next level.

He will demonstrate how PR can supplement your current marketing tactics effectively across all industries. Jeremy will also share various case studies of how brands have benefitted from their services. Be prepared to be equipped, educated and inspired!

In this power-packed two hour Masterclass, you will learn:

Secrets to Featuring Your Brand in the Media... FOR FREE

  • The Exact Steps Jeremy took to get GrabTaxi’s brand onto the media to dominate the competition

  • Why media outreach is an Extremely Powerful but little-used tool by SME business owners

  • A 5-Step Media Attraction Process that any SME business owner can use to become a friend of the media and journalists

  • How SME business owners like yourselves can pitch your brand to the media in an Irresistible Way

  • A Step-by-Step walk through on how to spark public interest with your business using social media influencers

Speaker Profile

Mr. Jeremy Foo
Co-founder, Prospr Consulting
Jeremy has helped countless companies reach the news and become market leaders in their industry. He will be sharing little known industry secrets that top-notch Public Relations firms are using daily for MNCs. In 2014, he was the expert who got GrabTaxi’s story featured in every major media including The Straits Times, Business Times, Channel NewsAsia, Bloomberg, BBC, Reuters, CNBC, Wall Street Journal and many, many more…

Client List

Some of the many brands that  Jeremy has helped include:

Straits Times Feature
Lian He Zao Bao Feature
95.8 Interview
Relationship Studio
93.8 Interview
Relationship Studio & Personality Central
INC. Feature
Relationship Studio
Seth Lui Feature
Take Hyde Out
Augustman Feature
Butler in Suits
Inc Feature
Enlightened Profits
Vulcan Post Feature
Take Hyde Out
Lian He Zao Bao Feature
Asian Entrepreneur Feature
Tangy Lab
Digital News Asia Feature


For a conducive session, we are inviting only a SMALL GROUP of business owners for each session of this Exclusive Masterclass. Be the first 15 Business Owners to secure your spot! (If you are the 16th person to sign up, you will be placed on the waiting list.)

Date & Timing:

  • Thurs, 3rd August, 12pm-2pm
    (3 slots remaining)

  • Fri, 4th August, 12pm-2pm

  • Sat, 6th August, 2pm-4pm

Venue: 24 Raffles Place #10-06, Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621

Clifford Centre is conveniently located 2 mins walking distance from Raffles Place MRT.  For drivers there are ample parking spaces around Clifford Centre. Suggested parking locations are: Clifford Centre, Golden Shoe Car Park, Republic Plaza, Hitachi Towers and One Raffles Place.



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